March 1, 2004

News from Spring 2004

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Re: Adult children of aging parents invited to “Caregiver Renewal Day”
Saturday, March 20, 10am-5pm in Mount Vernon, WA

From: Doris Brevoort, Turning Institute (Contact phone: 360-336-3453, or 206-715-0321)

The Turning Institute’s Caregiver Renewal Day on March 20, 2004 will focus on the concerns of adult children who are taking care of aging parents or relatives. This is a huge responsibility, lovingly taken on by many in the ‘baby boom’ generation. What resources are available, and what are needed, to support family caregivers of aging parents? And, how do caregivers take care of themselves in the process?

Many conditions factor into this caregiving relationship: the health or illness of the elder(s), their health care resources and planning, their present ability to live or function independently, the living arrangements, financial resources, community support, and the list goes on.

Combine the needs of the elders with one’s own work obligations, health issues, long-range plans of the caregiver’s family, sibling collaboration, grandchildren, travel over long (or short) distances to be involved in the elders’ care. It can be a complex picture, full of questions, layers of feelings, joys, stresses, and grieving as the process unfolds.

Adult caregivers are invited to take part in Caregiver Renewal Day on March 20, 2004, from 10am to 5pm with Turning Institute at 118 South 5th St., Mt Vernon, WA. There is no fee, though a donation to Turning Institute is appreciated.

The day is an informally structured conversation about mutual concerns, with sharing of strategies that work, and access to the Turning Institute resource library. There is time to relax and renew oneself through such activities as music, gardening, walking, and enjoyment of the scenic Skagit Valley. A natural foods lunch is served. Turning Institute facilitators of Caregiver Renewal Day have training in the fields of family counseling, massage therapy, music, meditation, aquatic exercise, hospice care, and adult education.

The Turning Institute, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, is a member of the National Family Caregiver Association and the Skagit End of Life Coalition. Caregiver Renewal Days are held bimonthly on a continuing basis. For details, see Interested caregivers, please call (360) 336-3453 to reserve a space for the day.

The location of Caregiver Renewal Day is one mile northeast of the #226 Kincaid exit on I-5, approx. one hour’s drive from Seattle. Turning Institute will help network among caregivers who wish to travel together to Mount Vernon. (Transportation will be provided from the Greyhound or Amtrak station in Mt Vernon.)