CRD and Professionals

How do Caregiver Renewal Days relate to professional caregivers?

Caregiver Renewal Days are flexibly structured to address the needs of any caregiver who wishes to attend. "Caregiver" is a very inclusive role in the field of health care: the Turning Institute recognizes that a wide variety of health professionals are certainly caregivers in spirit and heart, even if their particular job does not provide "hands-on" care for a patient. Individuals in the healing professions have often been direct caregivers earlier in their careers, if not now, or do care for family members in their home lives.

To participate in Caregiver Renewal Day, one simply defines oneself as a caregiver who wishes renewal. We know that the caregiving experience, even if it may not presently be day-to-day, has changed the life of the caregiver in vital ways.

Professionals– be they doctors, nurses, home care providers, counselors– have much compassion to impart to other caregivers, and can receive refreshing insight and comfort in their company. Though not family members, they have often formed poignant bonds with patients, and have deep empathy with individuals and families they have served. They frequently attend memorial services for their patients who have died, and surely carry grief in their hearts in many instances. The Turning Institute honors the caring and possibly 'disenfranchised' grief' (cf. Ken Doka's book, Disenfranchised Grief) of all professionals and non-family members who lose friends in the course of illness.

In light of this shared caring, we welcome health care professionals who would like to take part in Caregiver Renewal Days. They will not be asked to expound on their specific roles as professionals in the course of the Day, and may simply take part in discussion, relaxing activity, and sharing with others as fits for them. Each caregiver is welcomed, as a caregiver, at Caregiver Renewal Days. The acts of sharing and relaxation are of paramount importance to all kinds of caregivers in maintaining their own health, stamina, and in preventing burn-out. The Turning Institute hopes that attending Caregiver Renewal Days, among other forms of renewal, will become part of the caregiver's repertoire of self-care that will assist professionals and family members alike.

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