Volunteer Opportunities

For Caregiver Renewal Days:

  1. Refer a caregiver to the Turning Institute who might benefit from a day of renewal with other caregivers.
  2. Volunteer to spend time with the caregiver's recipient, or offer to organize a team of friends to "cover" for the day, so the caregiver can attend Renewal Day.
  3. Provide transportation for a caregiver, or other assistance that would enable the caregiver to attend.
  4. Attend a Renewal Day as an "artist-in-residence", or other community resource pertaining to renewal.
  5. Help with setup or cooking lunch at a renewal day.

For Youth Programs:

  1. TI Group Opportunity: Accompany a youth to a community event as part of a group of 6 to 12 people attending a music or dance concert, or sports event.
  2. Take a youth to a class or recreational opportunity on a regular basis, as an advocate who contributes to the youth's participation and success through providing transportation, being present to assure the child's safety,and celebrating success.

    (TI has a screening and training component for volunteers— we will send you an application to be an ASOP* Advocate.)

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